Nathalie started teaching in 1986, in the context of private instrument lessons, collective music classes in schools, band practices, jazz ensembles, music/rhythm for dancers and creative music for non-musicians. She is now developing her Woodwind Learning Essentials program, a method to assist the students with audios and videos documents, available at www.nathaliebraux.com

“Nathalie is an amazing instructor, her background as a jazz-clarinetist provides a child with knowledge and understanding of the instrument”. 
Steve Attix, director of the Del Ray School of music.

“Natalie is a great teacher as she finds an individual approach to each child and motivates them to play instilling the love for music in general and saxophone and clarinet in particular”. 
Alexandra Scannell, mother of John (8) and Luke Scannell (6).

I loved the saxophone classes with Nathalie, an excellent teacher, very professional. I am very thankful to have known her and learned from her. 
Cecilia Ramos, Guadalajara, México.